Cleanslate is one of the fastest growing property development companies in London and the South East. Led by a team of award-winning experts that has over 80-years of combined experience in residential property development and multi-billion pound capital investment projects.

We have a unique and flexible skill set with funds available to buy and develop sites. In addition to developing our own schemes, we also advise clients on development work, capital investment and property strategy. Cleanslate works with   businesses, landowners, developers, financial stakeholders and the public sector. All with the aim of reducing development costs, improving returns and giving each client more for their money.

Currently, Cleanslate has £60 million of development projects up and running and more in the pipeline. These include: detached country houses, heritage building conversions, town apartments and everything between.

Our Consulting team has advised on £20 billion of capital investment projects, across public, private and third sectors.

Who we are

  • launched in 2011 from our offices in Surrey
  • Property development, investment and consultancy services
  • 20 staff representing many strands of expertise
  • £60 million of quality development projects
  • Oversight on £20 billion of capital investment projects


Why work with us?

You can rely on us to:

  • Work with you to maximise your investment
  • Give you expert and professional advice
  • Be fast, flexible, fair
  • Develop ethical and environmentally sustainable solutions