Programme and project management

Cleanslate works alongside clients to support them to deliver their most complex and critical projects and programmes. We are equally adept a managing people, service or property focused projects and our expertise spans the whole project lifecycle, from project appraisal through to benefits realisation.





Business Strategy

  • Establishing Priorities
  • Assessment of Market Conditions and Impact on deliverables
  • Evaluation and validation of Proposals
  • Decision support
  • Provide access to a wide ranging portfolio of specialists and service providers

project definition

  • Contingency Planning
  • Risk workshop facilitation
  • Service specification development
  • Procurement strategy
  • Master programming
  • Risk and issue analysis
  • Project team assembly

business case development

  • Options appraisal
  • Feasibility studies
  • Delivery model advice,  including PPP/PFI
  • Market testing
  • Whole life cost modelling
  • Project team assembly
  • Statutory Consultation



provider selection

  • Specification development
  • Stakeholder/provider interaction support
  • Procurement management
  • Cost advice
  • Design management
  • Client design advice
  • Production of Tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Planning consultation


  • Client/provider teaming
  • Project governance and reporting approach
  • Benefits management planning

value assurance

  • Commercial risk analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Value management
  • Contract negotiation and deal closure



project management

  • Design Project controls
  • Cost and schedule management
  • Risk and issues management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Change management

assurance and monitoring

  • Programme assurance
  • Risk and issue management
  • Project intervention

information and reporting

  • Reviews of provider processes and controls
  • Earned value reporting
  • Post project evaluation and lessons learnt reviews